Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our adventure begins

I know it's lame to start off with excuses.  I've been telling friends that I would send a link to our blog so that you can follow our follies as they unfold but so far you will have noticed that nothing was forthcoming.  You may know that my father was ill and sadly he passed away on June 19th, just three days after his 78th birthday.  So we'll begin now.

Our friends Greg and Joanne joined us in Sidney on July 2nd and we are making our way up to Comox to attend the music festival this weekend.  We are currently anchored at Herring Bay on the tip of Ruxton Island.  We caught three rock crabs last night which were a delicious appetizer before dinner.  There was much slurping and jettisoning of claws across the table as the vise grips we were using to crack the shells were not the ideal tools.  A seemingly unending sunset followed and today we are again blessed with clear blue skies.

Greg and Joanne on bow watch approaching Dodd Narrows

Joanne goes for a spin

We stopped yesterday at Chemainus to pick up a kayak for me that has a plexiglass viewing window.  I took it for a little spin around Herring Bay and am completely hooked.
Me in "Mango"

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  1. Ahoy y buenos noches amigos, como esta? I finally got to look at your blog of you guys livin the dream. Nice work if you can get it. I hear that you are most recently off the tip of Baja California? How is it all going?