Saturday, February 18, 2012

An Intermission

After we left Enseñada we were often without internet and although the plan was to stop at many anchorages along the coast, we stopped only twice on the way to Cabo San Lucas which is at the south tip of the Baja Peninsula.  Along the way the blog kind of slipped into oblivion and since reaching Cabo San Lucas we’ve had guests on board for much of the time and the days just kind of filled up and were busy.  I thought about the blog from time to time but almost no one had sent us a comment and I assumed that it wasn’t being read, causing it to slip further into oblivion. 

When the kids arrived for Christmas Lisa told me that several people had told her the “sent us a comment” button didn’t work and they were wondering what we were up to.  So I promised to start the blog again once the kids left but clearly that hasn’t happened yet.  But I’ve been thinking about it.  The prospect of trying to catch up three month’s worth was so daunting that I put it off even further but after pondering it for another month or so it occurred to me that I should just start again from where we are and fill in the gaps another time.  Also, Lisa put our e-mail address at the top of the blog so you can contact us that way and we are always happy to hear from family and friends.  Here it is again.

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