Saturday, November 5, 2011


¡Hola amigos!

Mexican and Canadian flags

Estamos en México a Enseñada.  We arrived here on Thursday, November 3rd at around 10 am after travelling overnight from San Diego.  The marina staff took us to the Port Captain's office that afternoon and we took care of all the immigration and boat paperwork.  We are now eligible to fly the Mexican flag along with our own.    

A hotel in Enseñada

After taking care of the formalities we came back to the boat.  Mark wasn't feeling very well and we were both tired so we napped.  Yesterday we got fishing licences and then went into town and had lunch at an authentic little restaurant that the hotel shuttle driver recommended.  After lunch we went to the TelCel office and bought a banda ancha for the computer which will give us internet access wherever there is cell phone coverage.  We also got a new phone but I forgot to ask what to dial for long distance. 

Hotel Coral and Marina

Mexico hasn't changed since I was here last.  It's still a juxaposition of half-finished abandoned buildings next to beautiful buildings next to piles of rubble.  We walked around town a bit but got caught in a rain storm and caught a taxi back. 

It rained a lot last night and was intermittently very windy.  The weather should be more settled over the next few days although cool and we plan to leave tomorrow.   

Our first sunset in Mexico

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