Saturday, November 5, 2011


Procession into Marina Del Rey

We arrived at the Marina Del Rey harbour on Sunday, October 23.  There were many sailboats out that afternoon for a day sail and as we arrived many of them were going back to their slips for the night.  We joined what could only be called a procession and made our way to the transient dock.   


On our way back from the Queen Charlotte Islands this summer we were passed by a large sleek sailing ketch named ‘Tamsen’ just south of Bella Bella.  Tamsen was also anchored in the Santa Barbara anchorage the morning we left for Ventura.  And here was Tamsen again in a slip at Marina Del Rey beside what could be her larger (56m vs. 52m) sister. 

Our missions in Venice were to arrange marine insurance past San Quintin, just south of Enseñada, which was as far as our current coverage extended, and figure out why our autopilot compass was way off.  Mark arranged to meet an insurance agent in San Diego and I contacted Philbrook’s Boatyard in Sidney regarding the compass.  It seems that having a large bag of ferromagnetic tools near your autopilot compass causes problems. If only all problems were that easily fixed.

Lighthouse with palm trees
 I like taking pictures of lighthouses and here’s  one with a new twist, palm trees. 

Venice Beach
 Here’s Venice Beach where Arnold got his start. 

Dockyard at Los Angeles

We left Marina Del Rey on Wednesday, October 26th to do an overnight trip to Mission Bay, just a few miles north of San Diego.  We had to pass through the shipping lanes leading into and out of the port of Los Angeles.  Our experience in the Puget Sound area of the Pacific Northwest came in useful. 

There was a beautiful sunset that evening as well as a pretty sunrise the next morning.
Sunset on our way to Mission Bay        

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