Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mission Bay and San Diego

Mission Bay

Mariner's Basin at Mission Bay

Mission Bay was just an overnight stop for us before going into San Diego.  We anchored in Mariner’s Basin, a free anchorage for up to three days.   We seemed to be in lots of water when we pulled in but there was a negative tide that evening and at one point I wasn’t sure if we were still floating (but we were).  Here are a few photos of Mission Bay. 

The park along Mariner's Bay
An interesting navy plane

San Diego

Entering San Diego harbour

San Diego was by far the largest city we stopped at.  It had a haze of smog covering it and extending quite a way out to sea.  There are several military installations in San Diego and we often heard navy jets and helicopters.  I had some disconcerting moments with the radar wondering where these incredibly fast boats were that I could not see even though they were quite close.  Turns out they were helicopters. 

Aircraft carrier in San Diego harbour

Walk along Shelter Island

We were able to finalize the insurance we needed and caught the World Series game at the Red Sails Inn.  We stocked up on engine filters, rope, got fishing supplies, and made our last food and booze runs.  There is a lovely walk along the waterfront on the way to the business area and Bird of Paradise flowers were everywhere. We even had some trick or treaters from other boats at the transient docks but I forgot to take their pictures.  It was a busy few days and at last we were on our way to cross into Mexico! 

We saw this camper a few times along the waterfront
Bird of Paradise flowers

Three Hour Tour at transient dock on our last night in the US

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